Baby Registry Favorites – Baby #2

Halo Bassinest | Dockatot | Boppy Pillow | Swaddle Sack
Muslin Swaddles | Owlet | Sleeping Bag | Hatch Baby Rest

Being that this is my second “rodeo” I have some things from my first pregnancy that I will be using with Baby Boy, some that I know didn’t work for me, and some that I made sure to get this time around. You can see my first registry post here.

The Halo Bassinest is an all time favorite. I remember the first time I saw it in person and how badly I wanted it with Emma, so of course I got it, and it was worth every penny! We used it for months! That is where Emma slept for the first few months (whenever we didn’t put her in our bed lol) and I love how the sides collapse, making it so much easier to get baby up from it in the middle of the night. The only thing that made me nervous, was the fact that Emma could flip herself over, since it was so roomy. Thank goodness for the mesh walls all around, but being a first time mom it freaked me out! So this time I got a Dockatot, which is the perfect fit for the Halo Bassinest! I remember drooling over the Dockatot when I had Emma, and I promised myself that I would get my hands on one for the next baby! Not only will I use the Dockatot in the Halo Bassinest, I am also going to use it on our bed, if (when) we move baby to our bed at any time, and the Dockatot will also be awesome to have around when baby is napping and I want to keep him close to me! The Boppy Pillow will also be used for when baby falls asleep on me, to help me when my arms get tired! The Boppy is an awesome helper when breastfeeding the first few weeks, and it’s a great helper for people to hold baby, especially little ones. It’s also great to prop baby up when they’re a little bigger.

I love the Aden & Anais Swaddle Sacks and their Muslin Swaddles. The Swaddle Sacks are fool proof, so easy to swaddle babies in it! Emma slept swaddled in those Swaddle Sacks for months! And for when I don’t necessarily want to swaddle baby all the way, or just want a light cover up, I use the Muslin Swaddles. They are also great for covering yourself up while nursing in front of people, covering baby in the car seat or stroller and more.

I can’t say enough great things about the Owlet! You can read my whole blog post about the Owlet here. It is definitely such a great monitor to have, to keep your mind at peace while baby sleeps. One of my all time favorites and definitely a must have in my eyes.

I am super excited about the Hatch Baby Rest! I had the pleasure of reviewing the first Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad which you can order here or here using code LAURAPLUS20 for a discount off your order. Not only do they have a brand new Smart Changing Pad, they have added the Hatch Baby Rest to their product line. The Hatch Baby Rest is a night light, sound machine, and ok to wake indicator in one modern device, designed to control and program conveniently from your phone. Super cool! I love technology.

Baby Registry Gear

Lotus Play Yard | Hatch Baby Grow | MamaRoo
Baby Jogger Stroller | Maxi Cosi Car Seat | Tula Carrier | Jumperoo

So lets talk about the best play yard there is, the Lotus Play Yard! I am in love with it. It is so lightweight, and super easy to set up. They claim that it takes 15 seconds to set up, but I say it takes less. The Lotus Play Yard has a zippered side door and breathable clear view mesh. It has backpack portability, so you can take it anywhere with ease. I love using the Lotus Play Yard with Emma, and I know I will use for a long time not just with her, but with Baby Boy too!

Like I mentioned above, I had the pleasure of reviewing the first Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad which you can order here or here using code LAURAPLUS20 for a discount off your order. Now they are coming out with a brand new Smart Changing Pad called the Hatch Baby Grow. Hatch Baby Grow is the second generation Smart Changing Pad, combining a traditional diaper changing pad with a built-in, wireless smart scale, Hatch Baby Grow allows you to easily track infant health metrics. I love my Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad and I am so excited to have the Hatch Baby Grow to use with my little guy! Not only is the new Hatch Baby Grow modern looking, it’s also more cost effective than the original.

I bought the MamaRoo for Emma after falling in love with it at the store, and I love it. We used the MamaRoo so much, and I will definitely be using it with Baby Boy too. I still wish it came in adult size because I could totes see myself taking naps on it all day every day. Too cool.

I also bought the Baby Jogger Stroller when I was pregnant with Emma. I read so many great things about it and I was sold, and set on buying one, which I totally did and I am so glad I have it. This Baby Jogger Stroller is heavy duty! It carries so much, and the wheels go through any type of flooring we have strolled through. I got the all black version of the City Select Style, and when I bought the Baby Jogger Stroller, they were having a special, where if you bought the City Select Baby Jogger Stroller, you got a second seat for free, so I already have the second seat at home waiting for Baby Boy to arrive.

Another thing I did a lot of research on was car seats. For Emma I bought the Maxi-Cosi Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat, which I LOVE! This time I chose the Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat because it rear faces and front faces, so it will grow with baby. I love the black on black look, I think it looks really nice, and the Maxi-Cosi car seats are so great, that even in the Florida heat, they don’t get too hot!

I love my Tula Carrier. Again, Florida, hot, but the Tula Carrier is comfortable enough to wear even in the summer heat. Emma loves to be carried in her Tula Carrier, and for times where she wants Mommy, and not the stroller, the Tula Carrier saves the day!

Finally I wanted to include the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo because it’s so cute, and was so fun for Emma! It’s currently in the baby’s nursery, and every time Emma sees her old Jumperoo it she still wants to play with it.

Baby Registry Feeding

Spectra S2 | Medela Pump in Style | Bottle Warmer | Twistshake Bottles
Bibs | Bottle & Brush Set | Burp Cloth Bibs | High Chair | Sterilizer | Soap

So I included two breast pumps because I used them both when I was nursing Emma, and I like both of them for different reasons. I also liked switching it up here and there. I actually had two Medela Pump in Style Pumps, one stayed home, and the other traveled to work with me every day. I heard about the Spectra S2 so I bought one and I liked it a lot too. They are both different in the sense that one (Spectra S2) you can control more, but the other (Medela Pump in Style Pump) is more popular, so you have a lot more accessories to choose from. You also have more control over your pumping sessions with the Spectra S2, you can control the speed and intensity, and I love that it has a timer built in, so you don’t have to use any other device to time your sessions.

Since I work full time, when I go back to work I have to pump in order to continue providing breast milk to my babies. My mom watched Emma, and she will continue to watch Emma and watch Baby Boy too when he’s here, so she will have to feed him my refrigerated breast milk. We use the Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer, it not only fits Dr. Brown’s Bottles, it also fits Medela Bottles, which is what I use to pump and store my expressed breast milk. You can get an awesome Dr. Brown’s Set here, it comes with the bottle warmer, three 8 oz. standard bottles, three 4 oz. standard bottles, four extra silicone nipples, two pacifiers, microwave steam sterilizer bags, two storage caps, two travel discs and a deluxe bottle brush. It’s a great starter set!

Though I love Dr. Brown’s Bottles, I found out about the Twistshake Bottles through social media, when I was approached for a collaboration and I love them! I am so excited that now they are available in the USA! The Twistshake Bottles are amazing, and super cute! I love all the different bright and pretty colors they offer, you can even mix and match! You can read more about Twistshake’s unique design here, and when you are ready to order, use code “BUMPTOBABY20” when you check out for a special discount!

I love these Tommee Tippee’s Bibs! These bibs gently hug baby’s neck, so milk doesn’t drip down and get stuck between the baby neck rolls lol! These bibs are the best for when baby drinks milk, whether it’s straight from Mommy, or from the bottle, no gross milk in the neck rolls lol. I also really like these Burp Cloth Bibs because they are exactly what they are called, burp cloths and also bibs! You can leave them flat and open and use them as burp cloths, or you can snap them into bibs.

My all time favorite High Chair is the Boon High Chair! It’s so modern looking, but it’s also easy to move around the house because it has wheels on the bottom of the base. It has a break feature so if you want it to stand still it can too, and the chair pad and tray cover is exchangeable, so I can change Emma’s pink accessories to a blue seat pad and tray liner for baby boy!

Cleaning bottles for a newborn is tough because crazy moms go crazy over germs so we want to sterilize things all the time lol! I got this Dr. Brown’s Microwave Bottle Sterilizer, but I also use these Medela Microwave Sterilizer Bags when I just need to sterilize something small, or on the go! Speaking of washing bottles I love the Babyganics Bottle Soap. It has gentle plant-based ingredients that are safe to use around your baby with no chemical or gel residue, and a non-toxic cleaning formula that is safe for all bottles and non allergenic ingredients that are safe for everyday use.


Diapers | Diaper Cream | Healing Balm | WipesDesitin Cream
Diaper Bag | Bum Brush | Wipes Box | WashclothsChanging Pad | Hand Sanitizer

I am super proud to say that in her whole year Emma has RARELY had any diaper rashes! Now I can’t say for sure if it was because she was exclusively breast fed, or if the diapers and creams I used were just the best, but I’d like to say it was a combination of both!

If you have been following us for a while, you’d know that I am a huge fan of the Honest Company! I love their diapers! I have the monthly subscription, where I get diapers and wipes delivered right to my front door whenever I need them. Plus, there are so many prints to choose from! Their diapers are seriously the cutest! I got their free trial pack when I was expecting Emma and I immediately fell in love with their products. I also love the fact that to me, their diapers feel like they’re somewhat of “disposable cloth diapers”, there’s no big net or gels that get on baby’s butt. They can also hold a lot of baby “waste” lol. Their Diaper Cream is amazing, and so is their Healing Balm! I use their Healing Balm for like everything! Any time Emma’s booty looked a little red, or if I found anything on her skin anywhere I just applied some Healing Balm and it was magic! I even use it on myself too.

So, even though I love it, I’ll admit it that The Honest Company Diaper Cream is not the cheapest, so I also use Desitin Cream and I really like it too! That’s the cream I keep in my diaper bag. Speaking of  a diaper bag, the Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag is not only pretty, but it holds a lot! It has a ton of different compartments, and it doesn’t scream Diaper Bag!!! I have the B.F.F. style and I am really happy with it.

Other must haves for me are the Baby Bum Brush and some hand sanitizer. I love the Baby Bum Brush because it keeps my fingers clean and also because it makes it so easy to spread the diaper cream on baby’s bottom. And also hand sanitizer for quick sanitizing if you get your hands dirty and can’t run to the bathroom right away, or just for quickly sanitizing a surface. I like the Honest Company spray hand sanitizer.

This Wipes Box is great. I have a pink one for Emma, so I’m getting a blue one for baby boy, but I really love this Wipes Box because it makes getting wipes so easy! It features a push-open lid and a weighted interior plate that not only allows you to open with one hand in a quick motion but it lets you remove wipes with ease each time. The lid seals so your wipes won’t dry out, and the nonslip feet keep it locked in place. It holds up to 100 wipes.

I have cute changing pad covers, so I like to use these washcloths from IKEA to put on the changing pad under baby while changing diapers so if there are any accidents, which, there will be… The washcloths help save the changing pad covers! And because they are so cheap, you don’t feel bad about staining them, and throwing them away if they start to look gross.


Original Sophie | Baby Sophie | Toy Bar | Blocks
Bumbo | Walker | Play Mat

One of the toys I always see when looking at baby toys is Sophie the Giraffe! So of course, I had to get one for Emma! I actually got her as a gift, and then I also got this Baby Sophie as a gift, and Emma loved her! She used the Baby Sophie for a long time, until she was able to use the Original Sophie. I also loved these blocks for Emma! They are SO SOFT! She loved to chew on them, and as she got older she really loved stacking them and pushing them down.

I feel like a Toy Bar for the Car Seat is a must! Babies get distracted looking at the colorful toy, and if it makes noise, that’s a plus too! That’s why I love a nice and colorful Play Mat full of little toys that light up, sing or hang. I got the girly version of this Play Mat for Emma, and she loved it! The walls go up so baby can’t roll out of it, and when they’re old enough the walls collapse so they can sit up and crawl around.

I liked using the Bumbo with Emma to prop her up before she could sit up on her own, it’s also a great booster seat for when you don’t want to use the high chair. I love that these new Bumbo seats come with a tray! The tray can be easily stored in the back too, so that’s really a huge plus! From floor play, to feeding time, this Bumbo seat is very useful.

Now, a Baby Walker is an item that is frequently debated, but for us it worked! It really helped Emma start to walk, and it also kept her distracted and entertained. For Emma I got this Bright Starts Walker, but for baby #2 I decided to get this plain walker because even though the Bright Starts Walker was extremely cute and colorful, the toys were kind of boring to Emma after she got older, so I like that this walker just has a tray, where I can put any toy I want on, and it’s even easier for snack time too! 🙂

I really hope that this post helps you when figuring out what to put on your baby registry, or when you are deciding what you should buy or leave at the store. 🙂

Making a baby registry is always fun! What are your must haves for baby?!
Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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