Owen – Week 1

It’s so hard to believe that not only is Owen already here, but he’s one whole week old!
Today is my due date day, he came exactly 7 days before his due date. Guess he was too excited to come out! 🙂

I will go into detail when I write his birth story post, but long story short, I woke up last Tuesday morning (2/21) at around 3AM with pain, cramps and also what felt like contractions. After almost 3 hours of pain I called the doctor, called out of work, dropped Emma off at my mom’s, went to the hospital, got admitted, had a baby.

Lol, like I said, I will go into detail in the birth story post, but that’s basically what happened! Such a surprise!!!!!!!

Owen’s first week has been great! He was born weighing 8lbs 1oz, and at his 6 day doctor’s visit he was 7lbs 11oz which is great! The doctor was very happy. 🙂

I am exclusively breastfeeding, which is thankfully easier this time around, but at the same time still HARD! I got this ointment from my doctor called “Triple Nipple” yesterday since, you know, TMI – cracked/bleeding and sensitive nipples these first few days, ouch! Anyway, that thing is AMAZING! Helps so much already, worth the $60, yes, SIXTY DOLLARS I paid for it. I can’t wait till the day everything just feels ok and doesn’t hurt anymore.

Owen is a champ at eating. It’s so funny because since my milk came in he eats and passes out, like OUT OUT! Milk Drunk haha! He is so sweet, I love seeing his face and reactions after he has a full belly.

At the hospital for the first day he only ate like 3 times! It was crazy to me, but I guess he swallowed a lot of amniotic fluid coming out that he just kept spitting it up, it was the scariest thing. Thank God I was at the hospital with nurses all around me reassuring me that it was ok, it was so scary to see him spit up fluid and not want to eat because his belly was “full” already.

Owen is slowly staying more awake throughout the day. He is doing really well sleeping at night. The second night home we co-slept because he wasn’t having it in the bassinet, but that was it! I wake him every 3 hours to eat, and it has been kind of a pain to get him to wake up and latch to eat, but it’s getting easier by the day, he’s just so sleepy! And trust me, so is Mommy!

Having a boy and doing diapers is definitely different lol! I feel like he leaks at least twice a day. I’m convinced it depends on how his pee pee is when we close the diaper, I keep telling my husband to point it down lol! Boy moms, any tricks? I feel like when I change his diaper, he never ever leaks or goes through, but I’m not telling my husband that because then he will tell me to just do it myself every time haha!

I’ve been crying a lot today because of how fast time flies! I cannot believe it has already been 7 days! I guess I’m also extra emotional because this is probably our last baby, so I’ll never have another teeny tiny newborn to love on again, and if you know me, you know that this is my FAVORITE age. So we’ll see what happens in a few years lol. People are already asking me if we are done having kids since we have our girl and now our boy and I’m like I don’t know, can I just enjoy Owen first, and then think about it? Lol.

Emma is doing great with Owen, she loves him and always says “baaaaby, baaaaby” when she sees him. She kisses him, hugs him, shoves his pacifier in his mouth, lol! She’s a little rough at times, but I know she doesn’t mean to be. ♥

I’ve been trying extra hard to give Emma all the attention I can, I make a point to put her down for her nap or at bed time at least once a day, I play with her when Owen is sleeping or with daddy, and I feed her and hold her too. I don’t think she notices that her time is being shared with Owen, so that’s good. I think she’s too little to be jealous or anything like that, thank goodness.

I am so lucky to have a sweet baby boy! To me he is absolutely perfect in every way, and I’m making sure to soak up every second and enjoy every cuddle. ♥

I love you Owen James! You made our little family complete. ♥

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