Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad

Let me tell you about this extremely cool product I got, it’s called The Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad. What is The Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad you ask?

Well, it’s the coolest, most awesome changing pad there is!

Here are all the things you can do with your Smart Changing Pad:
  • You can track baby’s weight gain.
  • You can chart baby’s growth.
  • You can keep track of all diaper changes, selecting: Wet, Dirty or Both.
  • You can track baby’s sleeping time.
  • And my FAVORITE- You can track how much baby is eating at every feeding! This is amazing! Exclusively breastfeeding, I don’t know how much Emma eats at every feeding, so to be able to weigh her before I feed her, then after and seeing how many ounces she “gained” I can see how much milk she’s drinking at every feed, which helps me determine how much breast milk to put in her bottles for when I’m at work and can’t feed her myself.
You download the Hatch Baby app for your phone, and you get notifications on the go!
Whether you’re doing errands or at work, you can always know when and how much your baby is sleeping and eating anytime, from anywhere.
You don’t need to use the pad every time you want to track something, meaning that other care takers can also log information, and it’s a great way to add information if you are out somewhere and don’t have access to the pad.
Even if you don’t own The Smart Changing Pad, they have a great free app for parents who are trying to keep track of their babies milestones and information.

Like I mentioned above, my favorite thing about The Smart Changing Pad is the scale.
I can see how much breast milk Emma eats at every feeding.
Being a breastfed baby, there’s no way of me knowing how much milk she drinks since I’m not measuring milk in a bottle every time she eats.

I love being able to track her weight whenever I want, instead of waiting to find out when we go to her doctor appointments. I used to always look forward to her doctor visits to see how much she’s growing, but now with The Smart Changing Pad I don’t have to wait anymore!

FullSizeRender 2

I click the bottle button on the screen, lay her down on The Smart Changing Pad to get weighted, then I go feed her.
After she’s done breastfeeding, I go back to The Smart Changing Pad, once again click the button on the screen and lay her down to get how many ounces she “gained”, meaning, how many ounces she drank.
It gives me a peace of mind to know that I’m producing enough milk to satisfy my baby’s hunger, and by tracking her feedings, I can make sure that she’s always drinking a good amount of milk.


I love how soft the plush pad is. It’s also machine washable which is kind of a must for me since accidents are prone (do) to happen (all the time) on a changing pad, haha!

And it also looks great in Emma’s nursery. When you spend so much time decorating, making sure everything matches and the room looks cute, the last thing you want is a big ugly thing hanging out in there! The Smart Changing Pad is sleek and modern looking, and a great addition to her dresser!
Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Check out The Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad!
You can get $20 off today by using my special code “LAURAPLUS20”.

Also, make sure to tune into Shark Tank this Friday 1/15 to see The Smart Changing Pad creators pitching their awesome product!

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