Emma’s 1st Birthday Celebration at Disney – Day 1

So after much planning, we went to Disney to celebrate Emma’s Birthday!
It was a weekend full of fun, and I wanted to share the pics we got.

Day 1 started at Hollywood Studios.
I hadn’t been there in years, and it had been even longer for my parents.

This time I did all the “kid things” I never did before, which included watching the Disney Junior show haha! Emma loved it though, so I had fun watching her eyes light up and her little smiles every time Mickey or Minnie talked.

We watched The Little Mermaid show and Emma was NOT a fan of Ursula or getting splashed in the face. We rode Toy Story Mania which was so fun, and The Great Movie Ride which was kind of boring, but I hadn’t been on it for so long.

Everyone else was able to do the cool rides, The Rock N Roller Coaster, The Tower of Terror, etc. But Emma and I just got to hang out and relax in the AC. Emma was able to take naps too!

After Hollywood Studios we went over to Epcot. We went on Spaceship Earth, on the Finding Nemo Ride, and we child swapped so everyone could ride the new Soarin’. We didn’t get to do much since we got there kinda late, but we are going back soon to enjoy Epcot and visit The World Showcase!

The BEST part was seeing Minnie Mouse! We saw Mickey and Goofy too, but Emma’s reaction to Minnie was PRICELESS!!!

As we were walking away from the characters, Little Miss had a diaper blow out, and for some odd reason, her extra clothes weren’t in her diaper bag! I guess I must have taken them out to put other things inside, and forgot to put them back in the bag… HUGE MISTAKE!!!! Jaime and I were stuck in this little family bathroom, and my pregnant self went to find a store that was open, and had baby sized clothes! I walked so fast and so far, and ended up getting lost lol! I spent $30 on a dress that was way too small for her, but I was limited in my choices. That is why she is in different clothes in the pics we took exiting the park lol.

We had such a great day! After the park Emma passed out, but we went to meet my brother and his girlfriend at the restaurant to get some much needed dinner.

Our matching family shirts are from Cinderella Bowtique and Emma’s Minnie Mouse Moccasins are from Butterfly Your World. You can use code “EMMA15” for a special discount!

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