Owen’s Birthday at Disney – Day 2

All the girls ears were made by me! I’m thinking of starting to sell custom ears, if interested leave a comment!
Emma’s Bow | Emma and Owen’s Shorts | My Shirt | Jaime’s Shirt

Day 2 was spent at Animal Kingdom! I would say that Animal Kingdom is Emma’s second favorite park because she absolutely LOVES animals! Every time we go I have to get a FastPass+ to go on the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride because she gets so excited!

The Safari is one of the most popular rides, in my opinion. The wait times are always extremely long, and to me, Animal Kingdom is the hottest park of all. I’m not sure if it’s just in my head since it has a “jungle” vibe, but it seriously always feels like the hottest park!

Besides the Safari, another thing I always get a FastPass+ for is the Minnie & Mickey Meet & Greet. By now you should know that character meet and greets are one of Emma’s favorite things to do while at Disney, and the fact that she gets to see BOTH Minnie and Mickey at the same time blows her mind haha! Minnie and Mickey are dressed for a Safari Ride, it’s too cute – even though my favorite is their traditional red, yellow and black outfits, it’s fun to see them dressed up.

The adults got to ride DINOSAUR which was almost everyone’s first time. It wasn’t my first time, but I really did not remember much of the ride, so it felt like my first time.

While everyone else rode, Amanda and I took the kids to see Donald Duck. 🙂
Emma was super excited and Owen wasn’t too impressed, as you can see by his face – lol!!!

After riding DINOSAUR I went on the Primeval Whirl Ride with my friend Amanda and my dad. Primeval Whirl is such a kid ride, but it’s one of my favorites because it’s so silly! It makes me laugh and it reminds me of a ride called Crazy Mouse that I used to love riding at the carnival. I can’t wait until Emma and Owen are old enough to ride “big kid” rides with me!

Animal Kingdom is a fast park for us in the sense that we do what we want very quickly and are done. We usually always do 2 parks on Animal Kingdom days, either going to Epcot or Hollywood Studios after, but this day we were so exhausted from Magic Kingdom that we decided to just call it a day and leave early.

I was also craving a real meal and wanted to go to the hotel to shower and take a break, so that’s what we did!

It was a quick, but fun second day!

And one more of Owen’s new “not impressed” face because I can’t get over it, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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