Emma’s 1st Birthday Celebration at Disney – Day 2

Day 2 of Emma’s Disney Birthday Celebration started off at Animal Kingdom!
We didn’t spend a lot of time there, we mostly went for other people in the group to ride some rides. Unfortunately the safari line was almost 2 hours long, and it was so hot that I hid with Emma in line to see Minnie and Mickey, while everyone else was riding the rides!

My brother JP and his girlfriend Lindsay drove from Atlanta to meet up with us and be a part of their favorite girl’s celebration.

After Animal Kingdom we went to Magic Kingdom! We spent most of our day there, and the whole night as well. We met up with Jaime’s family, making our group a total of 16 people for the day!

We had such a huge group with us that unfortunately we weren’t able to take a picture with every single person! We had a long, exhausting but very fun day with all our loved ones!

I am so excited to be an annual pass holder and get to enjoy Disney multiple times a year.

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