Owen’s 1st Haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop in Magic Kingdom

Owen got his first haircut in of course – Disney!

The Harmony Barber Shop is located in Main Street, U.S.A. inside the Magic Kingdom Park.

The Harmony Barber Shop has the cutest My 1st Haircut Package for only $25, and it has been my dream to get the kids’ first haircuts there!

Included in the First Haircut Package are the actual haircut, a “My 1st Haircut” embroidered Mickey Ears Hat, a lock of your child’s hair and an adorable certificate.

Emma was still not ready to get a haircut, but Owen NEEDED one!

Tia Dana got us an appointment at the Harmony Barber Shop with the sweetest lady named Dulce – she was AMAZING with Owen!
As soon as he sat down in his chair she put Mickey stickers all over him, then she gave him toys to keep him distracted and he loved it!

Owen seriously did SO GOOD!
We were all so shook just watching him sit in the chair all nice, lol!
He did not move at all and let Dulce do her thing.

Dulce was exactly what her name is.. SWEET! She was so, so sweet and so kind and made sure to talk to Owen and show him what each tool she was using did and how it felt and looked like.

She turned on the buzzer machine and let him feel the vibration, showing him that it was ok and it would not hurt even though it sounded a little loud.

She put the little cape – or whatever you call it – on him and started to work on his hair immediately.

Dulce was quick but very careful, you could tell that she knows what she’s doing! Not only is she clearly awesome with kids, but she can definitely cut hair!

She asked me how I wanted his hair to look like, and did exactly what I asked for – which was just to clean up the sides, give him a good trim but leave his hair full and long – especially on the top.

After checking out his cool new haircut, and getting mom’s approval, Dulce bagged up some of his baby locks (cue the mom tears) for us to keep, put on his ears and gave him his certificate – which he loved and was so proud of!

How big does he look?! I wanted to cry!

Everyone loved Owen’s 1st Haircut and the experience was phenomenal!
I highly highly recommend it!

After seeing how awesome getting a haircut can be, Emma told me that she was ready to get her haircut soon (not that same day though, lol) and she insists that Dulce must be the one to cut her hair too!

The First Haircut Experience at the Harmony Barber Shop is a must do in my opinion, ESPECIALLY if you are a Disney loving family like ours!

Some facts about the Harmony Barber Shop:

All Harmony Barber Shop stylists are state-licensed cosmetologists.
Gratuity is not included and is cash only – so make sure you have some cash on hand to tip your wonderful stylist!

The Harmony Barber Shop offers regular haircuts too, not just First Haircuts – the child haircuts start at $18 and the adult haircuts start at $19.

Haircuts are super basic, you cannot get any styling like blowdrying or anything.
Water may be sprayed on hair if needed during styling, but no shampooing will be provided, so with that in mind, you should arrive with clean, dry hair.

Click HERE to book your appointment, but make sure to do it way in advance because they book up super quickly!
Advance reservations are recommended because although a limited number of walk-in appointments are available, they are on a first-come, first-serve basis each day so unless you plan to rope-drop you should really try to get an appointment.

A valid park entry is required, so you must have a ticket to enter the park as the Harmony Barber Shop is located INSIDE of the Magic Kingdom Park.

I can’t wait for Emma’s turn!

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