Emma – Week 2

Baby Girl is 2 Weeks Old! Oh my goodness! How?
It feels just like yesterday that I was at the hospital.
I remember giving birth so clearly!
So Emma went back to the doctors at 12 Days Old (10/1) and she had only gained 1oz in 7 days.
The doctor asked me to supplement her after every feeding with either breastmilk (I would have to pump) or formula. I really don’t want to give her formula so I started to pump and try to give her my milk in a bottle. Emma was not having it!!! First of all, she eats until she’s full, so why am I going to shove a bottle in her mouth? But, I listened to the doctor and tried to feed her after she was done breastfeeding and she vomited so much! I couldn’t believe it! It freaked me out, so I honestly just gave up. I’m not going to force feed my baby!
She has a dirty diaper after every feeding, which shows me she’s definitely getting food, and she’s a happy baby who even sleeps through her feeding times so sometimes I have to wake her up to eat.
The doctor wants to see her back on Monday (10/5), he wants her to be back to her birthweight or more, so that means that she needs to gain 6oz in 4 days… We’ll see what happens!
I have been feeding her every 2-2½ hours religiously, meaning that this mama hasn’t gotten very much sleep at all. I’m not complaining though! She is so worth it.
Emma’s belly button fell out at 8 Days Old, and at 13 Days Old after getting the all clear from the doctor she got her first full bath! 🙂 She didn’t love it, and I had to get in the tub with her with all my clothes on to calm her down lol! Then she was fine. Diva.

First Bath

Emma also saw the rain for the first time, she really loved it and couldn’t stop looking at the sky.
She likes being outside, sometimes I take her out when she’s cranky and she gets quiet really fast.

Looking at the rain.
Looking at the rain.

I’m so sad that my husband goes back to work on Monday! I’m going to miss him so much.

I think being alone with Baby Girl will be interesting! I wonder how our days will be, just the two of us all day together. I’m going to soak in every second and enjoy it all since soon enough I’ll be back to work myself. I do hope she’s awake more, since she’s still sleeping for the majority of the day.

And as for me, I’m doing better!

I’m almost all healed from giving birth, and Breastfeeding doesn’t really hurt anymore, sometimes it still is uncomfortable, especially when she’s latching at first, but once she’s latched, we’re good!
Sleepless nights don’t phase me anymore, I guess my body is used to only getting a few hours of sleep every night.

I love that I’m Emma’s favorite, and that I can always soothe her with just my voice or by holding her close to me. I hope I’m always her favorite no matter how old she is.

2 Weeks Down and Forever to go! I’m so in love with my baby girl.

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