Baby Registry

So yesterday I went to register for baby girl and it was harder than I thought!
I’m still adding and removing items online since I keep changing my mind, who knows what it will look like by the time the Baby Shower invites go out, haha!
I did a lot of research on baby items and while most of my registry items ended up being “#1 Best Sellers” or “Baby Registry Favorites” (not on purpose), there were some things that I chose based on reviews from other moms and by seeing them in person at the store.
I decided to put together some of my favorite registry items and talk about them.
I registered at Buy Buy Baby and Amazon.
Registry Nursery
From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
JJ Cole Diaper and Wipes Caddy in Pink– I chose this because not only is it cute, and pink (most of my nursery accents will be pink and some gray as well) I feel like if I have everything organized in there, it will be so easy to move it from room to room. Say baby girl needs a diaper change and we are in the living room watching a movie, we can just bring the caddy over, and diapers, wipes and cream will be there!
Crib Wedge– I saw this at the store and when I talked to some moms about it, a crib wedge seemed like a good accessory for baby. It’s slightly raised, and it elevates the baby’s head for better breathing and digestion. I’ll try it!
HALO Sleep Sack– So since babies aren’t supposed to have blankets, sleep sacks sound ideal! Everyone seems to know about the HALO Sleep sacks and it was a registry favorite. I put a cotton one and a fleece one in my registry. Living in South Florida, I feel like fleece would be too warm for regular nights, but there are nights in the winter where the temperature does drop, and baby girl will only be a few months old when winter comes this year.
Aden + Anais Swaddles– There are so many cute colors and patterns to choose from, and with it being the original muslin swaddles, I don’t think you can go wrong with Aden + Anais. They have certain patterns which can be found on bed sheets, blankets, sleep sacks, etc, so if you like to match, these are great! I was so excited when I found some Aden + Anais items at a TJ Maxx!!! Look around, you’ll be surprised at what brands you can find in those types of stores!
JJ Cole Hamper in Pink– Now pay attention to the dimensions of this hamper if you’re looking it up online, they sound kind of small so I passed on putting it only registry, but when I went to the store, it was a great size, and super cute (matches the caddy) so I decided on wanting it!
HALO Bassinet– I fell in love with this bassinet online, and when I saw it in person I liked it even more! It’s so cool and modern looking (which I’m loving all modern looking things, as you’ll see!) it’s definitely a splurge for a bassinet, but I think I’ll get my money’s worth!
Crane Humidifier– I’ve been wanting to get this humidifier for myself! During my first trimester I was waking up in the middle of the night with a stuffy nose, and all I wanted was a humidifier. I ended up buying myself a smaller one, but for baby I want this one. I ended up choosing the white color (even though I’m DYING for the pink one) because I plan on using it with the next baby too (like most of my baby things) and hopefully I’ll be having a boy next!!
Dekor Diaper Disposal– I had never heard of this brand before, but I have experience with the Diaper Genie (I was a preschool teacher for 6 years) and I never loved it! I also have a lot of mommy friends who did not like it at all. I saw it in person, it had a cool, sleek look to it, and great reviews.
Registry Gear
From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Baby Jogger City Select– Ok, I know, super expensive reviews, but not only are moms RAVING online about their Baby Jogger, a couple of my mom friends love theirs too! Here’s the thing, I want another baby pretty soon after baby girl comes, my brother and I are super close in age and I want the same for my kids, and with this stroller all you have to do is buy an extra seat and clip it on! No need to buy a double stroller (which I don’t love) and it’s so cool looking! I couldn’t stop playing with it at the store, and I swear now every stroller I see is a Baby Jogger! It’s haunting me! Haha.
Maxi-Cosi Car Seat– So while at the store looking at car seats, I didn’t even read the brand before I fell in love with this car seat! Not only is it all black, which I want, not only because I can use it with a girl or boy, but I’m not a fan of weird colored baby gear.. I’m the weird one, but really, I like the all black and it was soon soft!
Lamb Mat– Ok, so this is totally not baby “gear” but how stinking cute is this little lamb mat?! I’m OBSESSED and I just want to buy it right now and cuddle it till baby comes! It’s so cute, and so soft and so sweet looking! And I plan on taking lots of adorable pics of baby girl laying on it!
Graco Pack N Play– I really like that it can be used with infants and toddlers with that removable bassinet on the top. It will make for traveling with baby easy, since she will be able to sleep in it for months and months to come. I chose this specific color in the picture, also link, and apparently it’s a Buy Buy Baby exclusive color, but it’s cute for both genders, and I just love stars!
Mama Roo– Another splurge, but this thing is like from the future! Instead of a swing and a bouncer, this thing does it all! Plus, my house is kinda small, and the less baby things I have taking up space, the better! Click the link and watch the video, then go to the store and see it! They have one on display, and you can play with it. I wish it came in adult size because I could totes see myself taking naps on it all day every day. Too cool.
Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo– So cute, so fun! Best seller too. I’ve watched the video of the bouncing baby a hundred times. And it beats buying one of those jumpers you click on the door frames. I don’t think I would trust one of those, God forbid it unclips and baby falls.. I don’t even want to think about it lol!
Registry Feeding
From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Boon High Chair– So sadly I can’t find the pink on white in stock anywhere! Buuuuut! They sell the seat and tray cover separately, woo hoo! So if you’re having a baby girl and you want the pink accessories, they can be found here. The Boon High Chair is so cool looking and so easy to clean! The tray comes out, and so does the seat, the base has wheels so you can move it around. And again, it’s super cool looking!
Boppy Pillow– Come on, who doesn’t have/want one of these? Haha! I used to use it a lot with the babies at my old preschool, great little feeding accessory. I chose that pattern in the picture, because again, boy or girl, can be used with both! Plus, I’ll end up buying extra covers anyways cause spit happens.
Baby Bullet– When I start making food for the baby (I’m already saving recipes) I think this will be a great little tool, I own the original Magic Bullet and I like it a lot!
Bottle Sterilizer– They have a plug-in one too, but I like this microwave one because not only is it cheaper, I feel like it will work faster too when sterilizing, and the power of the microwave will probably make the water hotter than a plug-in one would. Just what I would think.. Lol.
Dr. Brown’s Glass Bottles– When I was a baby I used glass bottles, my mom swears by them, and I feel like glass would be cleaner and better than plastic. Also, why Dr. Brown’s? Well, like I mentioned a couple of times, I worked at a preschool for years, and I like the Dr. Brown’s bottles the best. It has a little straw in there that helps keep the bubbles out, meaning the baby won’t be drinking so much air lol. “Proven to help maintain vitamins A, C, and E during bottle feeding, these bottles have positive pressure with no vacuum feeding and help reduce colic, spit-up and gas.” That’s the description they give!
Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles in Pink– I’m getting plastic bottles as well.
Tommee Tippee Milk Bibs– Ok so one of the things that grosses me out the most is milk inside baby’s neck rolls. BARF! It’s so gross and it smells and ugh, it’s just so nasty! These bibs hug the baby’s neck pretty high and keeps that from happening. Ummm buy me 100 of these!
Bumbo 3-in-1– Before I went registry shopping I had never seen this new version of the Bumbo! I like it!
Boon Lawn Drying Rack– Basically what it says, it’s a drying rack. And it’s so cool! I also put some accessories on my list, not only are they adorable, they keep smaller items, such as pacifiers, up high so it doesn’t take space on the rack.
Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer– I chose this one because it’s the same brand as the bottles I want. It will come in handy at 3AM when baby cries and it’s dad’s turn to feed her. ūüôā
Medela Breast Pump– I researched breast pumps A LOT and this one had the best reviews. Also, a lot of my mommy friends that pump have this machine. Pricy, but the quality is awesome and will probably last me for a couple of years since I plan on breastfeeding all my babies.
Well, that was a lot! I hope I helped some of you who were a little clueless and needing help, like me!
These are the things I liked and chose, and just my opinion, they might not be for everybody, but they are the ones I liked the most! ūüôā
Happy Shopping!!!

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