1 Month & 2 Months Favorites

I’ve combined my 1 & 2 Months Favorites since they were pretty much the same.

You can find my Newborn Favorites here.

1.2 Months
Owlet Monitor– I have written a whole blog post about this baby monitor, and I still love it! Click here to read about it. Also, if you are interested in purchasing it, click here to purchase it,
Bright Starts Carrier Bar– Emma is in love with this little toy bar! She hates car rides when she’s alone in the back, but at every red light I click the little owl’s heart and it blinks and sings to her and calms her down. She smiles and smiles at it, it’s so cute!
HALO Bassinest– I’m including this bassinet again because it’s still a favorite. I’m happy I didn’t listen to everyone calling me ridiculous for getting it because of it’s price tag because I do love it. This bassinet is awesome! It’s in my bedroom and right next to me, I love that it swivels and has all these cool little features on it. Emma finally enjoys the vibrating feature and she also likes to listen to the songs it plays.
MamaRoo– Including our MamaRoo again as well because Emma loves it and so do we! She still naps in there all the time. The only complaint is the little mobile on the top, can you say BORING?! It doesn’t move, turn, or light up, it’s just 3 colorful plush balls. I actually took those balls off and I hang a little colorful toy that Emma likes to look at. For such an expensive, modern item, you’d think they would include a super cool mobile, no?
Aden & Anais Swaddle Blanket Bag– Another repeat because we still use these every night. Emma still startles herself to the point where she wakes herself up, so she wears a blanket bag overnight. Not for naps, just overnight. They’re light enough for her to wear on top of her PJs, and they have such adorable prints too!
Tommee Tippee Anti Colic Bottles– I had SUCH a hard time one weekend getting Emma to nurse, she only wanted a bottle! So I got these bottles which are supposed to be great for breastfeeding babies, and Emma loves them! I like the little tube they come with, like the Dr. Browns bottles, which I also use. Now my mom (who watches her) switches between bottles so she doesn’t get used to just one haha. Hey it’s been working!!!
Lalabu Soothe Shirt– I’m in love with this shirt! Check out my post about it here!
Graco Pack N Play- This is where Emma naps and hangs out while she’s at Vovó’s house when I’m at work. It’s light and super easy to fold up. I really like this little pack and play.
Fisher-Price Soothe and Glow Bunny– This is one of Emma’s Christmas Presents but I couldn’t resist to at least show it to her and OMG, she was in a trance. She really really liked this bunny! The belly glows on and off and it sings a little song. She was fussy trying to fight sleep and nurse, I turned this bunny on, showed it to her and she instantly stopped crying! I was like whaaatttt! Haha.
I can’t believe that in just 10 days I’ll have a 3 Month Old and a completely different list of favorite item to share with you all!

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