Fayfaire – Adorable and Funny Children’s Clothing

I’m the type of person who loves a good pun, clever sayings, and BABIES!

Put them all together and there’s Fayfaire. 🙂

I first found out about Fayfaire when I was browsing Amazon, looking for funny baby onesies. Their Party At My Crib Bodysuit was quickly one of my favorite finds. I loved the pretty aqua color and the cute graphic.

I was so excited when I got contacted by them to try out some of their clothing! I just HAD to get that Party At My Crib style for Emma and Owen to match!

Party at Owen’s Crib is exactly all they do in that crib around here. Owen refuses to sleep in his crib! We had it SO easy with Emma, that of course, we would “suffer” with the second kid, lol!

How stinkin’ cute are these two though? It’s so hard to not just laugh and smile along with them! 🙂 The Party At My Crib onesie and shirt are even cuter in person! The aqua color is GORGEOUS and I love how the disco ball is a pretty metallic and the dots on the letters too! They print their designs using gold standard techniques that won’t fade, crack, or feel scratchy, which is so perfect for baby’s soft skin!

The quality of both the onesie and shirt are great! They are thicker than your “typical” onesie, and not see through at all! Their bodysuits are 30% thicker than most, and made with 100% cotton.

Fayfaire also sent Owen the super funny I Drink Until I Pass Out onesie! Which is super true! Mama’s Milk puts him right to sleep! 🙂

Again, the quality of this I Drink Until I Pass Out onesie from Fayfaire is amazing! It’s so soft and stretchy. If your babe is a little chunker like mine, I would suggest you size up! I got a size 0-6 for Owen, and although it fits him at 6 months, he will sadly outgrow it quickly, so I would suggest sizing up to make the onesies last longer!

Is it just me or does everyone agree that there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby?

I love our Fayfaire clothes and I can’t wait to get some more goodies for the kids as they grow!

What are your favorite Fayfaire designs? I already have some more favorites in mind to get for the kids next.

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