Basic Diaper Bag Must Haves

DiapersDesitin Cream | Healing Balm | Bum Brush | Wipes
Infant Tylenol | Baby Sunscreen | Pacifier Wipes | Clorox Wipes | Washcloths
Glove-Saks | Pacifier | Onesies | Muslin Swaddles
Diaper Bag | Changing Pad | Hand Sanitizer

Putting together this diaper bag post made me realize how much you need when going out with baby! It looks like a lot, but these items are a must have to me!
And would you believe me if I told you that depending on where I go and how long I’m gone for, I also take a second bag with toys, food and snacks? Haha.

So for a quick round up of my diaper bag must haves, I have the essentials, diapersdiaper cream and wipes of course!

I always have extra diapersdiaper cream and wipes packed. The last thing you want is for baby to have a dirty diaper and you run out of diapers or you have no wipes. I personally apply diaper cream on baby with every single diaper change, so I never want to run out of cream either. And to spread the diaper cream evenly while keeping your fingers clean, I always have one of my all time favorite tools, the Bum Brush!

So you probably noticed that I have several different wipes in my bag.
I have regular wipespacifier wipes and Clorox wipes as well.
I use the regular wipes for diaper changes and to clean up messes, the pacifier wipes are used if I can’t go wash a dirty pacifier or bottle/cup in a sink, and the Clorox wipes are used to clean any surface I’ll be putting baby on, or the changing pad on. Clean clean clean!
And while we are on the topic of keeping things clean, I always have little hand sanitizers hanging on the side of the diaper bag, and I also have a pack of these cool Glove-Saks, which work as gloves, and as a dirty diaper sack too! Seriously, the things we have available to us nowadays. 🙂

My diaper bag comes with a changing pad that I use with every diaper change, but I like to have a few cheap washcloths to lay down on it too to keep the pad protected.

Other diaper bag items include Infant TylenolHealing Balm and Baby Sunscreen, specially living in Florida, I feel like you always have to have Baby Sunscreen handy. I have extra pacifiers, don’t want to be stuck with a sleepy, grumpy baby and no pacifier! I have a muslin swaddle blanket which can be used for so many things! Covering baby, covering yourself while nursing, giving to baby for comfort or covering surfaces.

And of course, you can’t forget to always have extra clothes!!!
Here’s a tip – make sure you change the extra clothes in your diaper bag every couple of months as your baby changes sizes! I have been in the position where Emma needed a change of clothes, and I only had tiny sized clothes in there because they were never used, and I never thought of swapping them out with clothes that actually fit lol! Not fun!

Like I mentioned above, depending on where I take baby, or how long I’m out for, I have a second little backpack. Here is what is usually in my second bag.

So what are your Diaper Bag must haves?
Share them with me in the comments below!

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