Put A Bird On It Weekly Countdown Shirt

I ran into a shop called “Put A Bird On It“, they make these super cute Maternity Countdown Shirts.
They have the countdown shirts in both white and gray. I got the gray one.
The shirt is soft, comfortable and light. It’s stretchy on the side so your growing bump can fit no matter how big you get!
Check out how adorable the Maternity Countdown Shirt is below:
The shirt came with a red fabric sharpie, but I did not have the heart to write on the shirt! It’s just too cute!!!

40 Weeks of baby bump pics!


35 Weeks already!


Only 5 more weeks to go!


Maybe I’ll use the red sharpie with my next baby bump! 😉

Make sure to check out Put A Bird On It Shop to get your own Maternity Countdown Shirt!

Thank you so much Daniela for the opportunity to review your shirt, I love it!

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