Pampered Mommy Box

As moms, we tend to devote most of our time to our kids, and lets face it.. Our Husbands!
But it’s important to remember to take some time for yourself!
Pampered Mommy Box delivers awesome bath and beauty items, and perfect cute gifts every month to help us Mommies do just that!
I wanted to share my Pampered Mommy Box, which I loved!
I got the January Pampered Mommy Box and here are all the goodies that came with it:

  1. Organic Bath Co. “Stress Less” Body Scrub– This body scrub smells so good! It exfoliates the skin while it hydrates it, removing dead skin and dirt. It makes your skin so soft!
  2. Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray– My hair was so soft after blow drying! It also reduced the frizz.
  3. KnotTwisted Headband by Magsoul– So cute and so soft! I like that it didn’t give me a headache after wearing it for a while.
  4. Lavender Soy Candle- Smelled sooooo good! And it burns longer than paraffin candles!
  5. EyesTea by Jane Inc.– I haven’t used this yet, but I’ll make sure to update you when I do! I’m saving it for date night… Whenever that will be, haha!








You can choose from any of their auto-renewing plans and once you sign up, you’ll begin receiving your Pampered Mommy Box. Their cute hot pink boxes are delivered right to your door and ship out around the 20th of every month.
Make sure to use my special code “LAURAPLUSCO” for $5 off your purchase!

Please note that you will not be able to purchase the January box, as the window for orders has closed.
They are now accepting orders for their February box – the deadline for February orders is 2/19. 

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