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So when I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I got was a Big Sister book for Emma. It ended up being that that’s how “she” told her grandparents that I was pregnant. I taped my first ultrasound picture inside the first page of the book so when they saw it, it would really hit them that Emma was already a Big Sister to be!

Caroline Jayne Church books are my favorites, when I was pregnant with Emma and looking for baby books I immediately fell in love with the sweet pictures and simple words in her books and ended up getting a bunch of her books for Emma’s library.

Check out the books pictured above, in order:

I Am a Big Sister! and I Am a Big Brother!– Like I mentioned above, I really love the illustrations and short but sweet words.

You Were the First– So I’m probably not alone when I admit that when I first found out I was expecting, I felt really guilty about having another baby because Emma was/is my baby! But this book is sweet, and if you are pregnant, you’ll sure get at least teary eyed while reading this to your little one!

You’re Getting a Baby Brother & You’re Getting a Baby Sister– These books are funny, but make sure you have a sense of humor. If your child is older, they might get a little scared of their baby brother “peeing in their eye” or their baby sister ” pulling their hair. The illustrations are cute and funny too.

I’m A Big Sister and I’m A Big Brother– Adorable pictures with a gender neutral baby, wording is for older siblings, I would say 3 years and up.

My New Baby– Cute book, both siblings are pretty gender neutral!

Big Sisters are the BEST and Big Brothers are the BEST– Cute books, they compare what a big sibling does and what a baby does, and shows how the big siblings can help mom and dad.

Did you buy any books for your first child when you found out you were expecting?
Was it on this list? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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