Owen – 18 Months

My Baby Boy!!!
You are 18 Months!!!!
That is so crazy to me!

Looking back at these 18 Months kind of makes me sad, because I feel like they went by so fast.
I don’t remember your earlier days.
Thankfully we have many pictures, and many videos to look back at, but for some reason those memories aren’t too fresh in my mind and that really makes me SAD!

At the same time, to me you are much more of a “baby” than your sister was, so at least I guess I get to enjoy you more in that sense.

You are still nursing at least 2 times a day, you ask for “boo boos” when you are sad or tired too, but Mommy tries to comfort you in different ways, because to be honest, as much as I love our bond, and this special time together, I am DONE lol! I want my body back!
You are the World’s Pickiest Eater! You give us such a hard time when it comes to eating your meals.
This is part of the reason that I am still nursing you twice a day, because that way I know that at least you are getting some nutrients when you wake up, and more before you fall asleep.
You usually like chicken nuggets, you love cheese, and you like pasta sometimes too.
You love to snack, you could probably snack all day and not have 1 meal if I let you.
You like strawberries, you LOVE lollipops (pop pops) and you like to steal Mommy’s Coca Cola lol!

At your last check-up you were a little low on iron. You were supposed to be at an 11 and you were at a 10.6, so the doctor prescribed you some iron drops. HA!
That ended quickly. You are a nightmare to give medicine to! We tried for a couple of days, then Mommy finally found you some vitamin gummies with iron.
You don’t love the gummies, and you always make a face when I give them to you, but at least you eat them!
I think you just like the idea of them being gummies, so you eat them regardless lol, because I know that they probably taste disgusting, since their smell is AWFUL!
Let me not jinx it though, you are eating them, and that’s all that matters! 🙂

You are sweet, but headstrong.
You are like me in that way.
You know what you want and you will fight until you get it.

You are SMART, and lately you have been talking so much!
You can say please, and thank you.
You tell your sister to share.
You say “uh-oh” when you bump your head.
You ask yourself if you’re ok when you get a boo-boo.
You say “oh no” when you see something happen.
You can sing along to your favorite songs.
You would jam out to Baby Shark alllll day long if we let it play on repeat.
You ei-ei-oh along when we sing Old McDonald.
You say e-i-n-g-o when we sing Bingo.
You tell the rain to go away when it’s raining outside.
You say Mommy, Daddy, Vovô and Vovó.
You have said Emma before, but you usually don’t.
You tell Google to play The Wheels on the Bus.
You tell Alexa to play Rain Rain Go Away.

You recently started to “try” to pose for pictures.
You say cheeeeese but you don’t stop long enough.

You take full advantage of the fact that I’m home with you and sister now.
Still, you now can play in the Playroom with her for HOURS!

You love watching Baby Shark Videos.
You love Puppy Dog Pals and PJ Masks.
You can sing along to both theme songs.

You love playing with cars, and you can name different vehicles when you see them in the street.
You say cahhhh, or bussss! 🙂

You LOVE taking baths!
But you call the “pee pee potty”!
It’s the cutest and funniest thing!

You love going in the pool and you are doing so great with your floaties!
You like going under, and you kick very well!

You are cute and you know it!

Thank you Baby Boy for making our lives so much better.
You make us smile every day.
Your laugh is my favorite sound.

I love you to the moon and back,

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