Owen is funny.
He is seriously SO FUNNY!

His new thing is saying “ok” when he wants something. šŸ˜›
He doesn’t say yes, he says ok.

“Owen, do you want a lollipop?” – “OK!”
“Owen, do you want to go outside?” – “OK!”

He has known to say no for a longgggggg time!
He actually used to say “no more monkey” after no and before saying what he did not want.

For example:
Me- “Owen, do you want chicken?”
Owen- “No, no more monkey CHICKEN!”

I have no idea why he started saying no like that, but it was the cutest thing ever!
Super frustrating at times, but definitely so cute and funny!

Lately he hasn’t been saying it that much anymore, which I’ll admit I miss!
Any time I made him mad he would yell at me “no, no, no more monkey MOMMY!”

This kid is a trip!

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