Owen – 2 Months

Baby Boy! You are 2 Months Old! 🙂

To say you are growing too fast is an understatement because you are growing EXTREMELY fast! You are such a big boy!

I can’t believe you already grew out of your newborn clothes, you only got to wear some things ONCE lol! So bittersweet!

Of course I am thrilled at the fact that you are healthy and getting everything you need just from Mommy’s Milk! Isn’t that crazy? That mommies can keep their babies healthy with just their milk? It’s my second time doing this but it still amazes me!

You are so smiley! You smile when you see Mommy’s face and when people talk to you, specially if they use a baby voice, lol! You started to coo and try to talk, it’s the cutest EVER!

You drank from a bottle for the first time ever, Mommy has over 200oz of frozen milk saved, so when I went to get my new car, Vovó had to give you a bottle since it took SIX HOURS at the dealership, blah! 🙁

You are finally noticing my cellphone screen, you like sitting by the window in your MamaRoo and looking at the ceiling fan.

You are 110% Mommy’s Boy and I LOVE IT!!! I hope you always stay that way, forever and ever!

I love you the most!

Weight: 11.10 lbs
Height: 22.75 in
Eye Color: Grayish
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Diaper Size: Size 1
Clothes Size: Wahhhh 0-3 for some, mostly 3mo. Wahhhhh!
Sleep: You some through the night most nights, sometimes waking up once to eat. Whenever I hear you whine I feed you a little bit and you fall right back asleep.
Eating: Every 3 hours during the day, whenever you wake up at night,
Likes: Mommy’s Milk, Mommy’s voice. You like when people talk to you, you smile so much! And you like baths.
Dislikes: You still don’t like being cold, and for the most part you don’t like diaper changes, but you’re getting better at dealing with it lol.
Milestones: Smiling, “talking” and rolling over.
Firsts: First laugh, first time rolling over, first time sleeping through the night.
Personality: You are kind of a cry baby lol! It’s everyone’s fault though cause everyone spoils you. But you are SO smiley!!! It melts my heart! ♥

Owen’s Monthly Watercolor onesie is from Chicly Growing and can be purchased here.
It’s a whole 12 Month set. I like that they’re ironed on, and not stickers, so as she gets older he can’t rip them out! Love it!!!

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