Emma – 20 Months

My Big Girl!
You are SO BIG for real!
And sassyyyyyyy!

I had the best 3 months at home with you and your brother.
I got to watch you learn new things daily, and just get smarter and smarter every day!

 I can’t believe how much you know!
You seriously know SO MUCH!

You can basically say everything/anything and you are awesome at repeating what we ask you to say. I remember thinking how I couldn’t wait until that day came! 🙂

We went to Disney a few weeks ago and you LOVED it more than ever!
You liked seeing the characters, as usual, but you were so iffy when it came time to go up to them lol! All except for Minnie, you ran right up to her!

You are pretty much obsessed with “It’s a Small World” lol! You have been watching YouTube videos of the ride every day since we got home and you were soooo adorable riding the actual ride! “LOOK AT THAT!” you kept screaming. “Hi everybody! Hi everybody!” you kept telling the dolls. Ugh, you are seriously the cutest.

You were a trooper in all the rides, even though some made you kind of nervous!

You love the song “Baby Shark” and because of it your new thing is adding “doo” after our names. So you call me Mommy-Doo and your dad Daddy-Do or “SHAY-ME” for Jaime when you’re calling him or complaining lol! It’s pretty hilarious.

You are sweet to your Baby Brother, you’re used to him by now, not that you never were. You notice him here and there, you get concerned when he cries (kinda) and you give him his peta (pacifier) if you see it’s not in his mouth.
You say “Owen don’t cry” or “Uh oh! Owen cry?”
You pat him in the head “Owen nice” lol and you yell at him when his kicking feet kick you accidentally haha! You do always kiss him good night though! You make it a point to never miss his kiss.

You still love Minnie, but now you really just like the whole entire crew. Daisy, Donald, Mickey, Goofy.. You say Clarabelle super cute with your little voice. And Coo Co Ca for Cuckoo Loca lol.

You love to play. You get so happy when someone comes over, specially if it’s one of your little friends. 🙂 You love Gracie and you’re learning how to be sweet with Mia and Payton and share.

You could live in the pool if we let you. You always want to go in. “Mommy pool? Daddy pool?” and you still like to go to the park, even though right now it’s too hot, so your little cheeks get super pink.

Playing outside with the bubble machine makes you super happy, and you also love going to gymnastics to jump and play!

You have your own little language so sometimes you just rant and talk crazy and it’s so funny and cute. I have no idea what you are saying.

You pay more attention to the TV now, no matter what’s on, sometimes you start paying attention. That means that we have been trying to show you different things besides Disney Jr.

You like to look pretty now! You actually notice when you are wearing a bow, you say bow but you also call them pretty! You love your Minnie Mouse shoes and every time Mommy gets you dressed you ask for Gracie, because I guess you think that when you get dressed pretty it’s to go play with a friend, haha!

I truly can’t believe how big you are getting. It’s so sad how fast time flies. That’s why I am so glad that I have this blog to look back at and read all the fun memories we are making with you, and now with your brother.

I love you soooo much my princess!

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