Chibebe Snuggle Pod

I wanted to share with you a super cute bean bag that Emma got.

When I received my Chibebe Snuggle Pod I was so impressed with the packaging!

It comes nicely folded in a snap bag with the following items:
1 Chibebe Base
1 Harnessed Seat Top for Baby
1 Non-Harnessed Toddler Seat
1 Instruction Booklet
1 Warranty Card
1 Designer Tote
Here are the features I love the most about the Chibebe Snuggle Pod:
  • The Snuggle Pods Baby Bean Bag allows baby to be safely and comfortably nestled in a resting position, it include a layer of padding in the seat for additional support and comfort.
  • The special shape of the bean bag is designed to help prevent GERD (reflux).
  • The soft seat helps prevent flathead.
  • It was designed be used from birth right through to pre teens. By simply swapping the detachable harness seat to the toddler seat that’s included- at no additional charge!
  • You can easily wipe them down or dab them with a good fabric cleaner to get rid of stains and messes, the pod has a water resistant backing on the base, as well as on all seats, helping to prevent fluids from reaching the beans. It’s also machine washable.
And my favorite feature of them all is that you can build your own pod!

You can pick the design, the seat type and the color, how cool is that?

I chose the Serendipity Polka design with a blue top, doesn’t it look so cute?

With the pod, I also got The Pod Rocker.

All you have to do is place the Snuggle Pod on top of the Pod Rocker and that’s it!

Your pod can move and soothe baby, it’s like a comfy rocking chair.

Emma loves her Snuggle Pod!

Make sure to check out The Chibebe Snuggle Pod!
Use code “BUMP” for $10 off your order on top of any offers from the website.

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