3 Months & 4 Months Favorites

To continue my “Favorites” posts, I combined months 3 and 4.
You can check out my Newborn Favorites here and my 1 & 2 Month Favorites here!


3 4 Faves

Bright Starts Sweet Song Birds Baby’s Play Place Activity Gym– This mat is so cute and colorful! I put it on my baby registry and sadly didn’t get it, so I finally bought it and I am so glad I did! The walls go up, so when Emma is playing my crazy dogs don’t bother her because they can’t just walk on it. Emma loves looking all around it because the colors are so bright, and they have adorable little birds and owls on the print, plus, the toys that hang are cute too!

Playmat– I’m not even going to deny it, I got this specific mat because of how it looks. I was never a big fan of those super colorful, rainbow ABC foam mats, haha. But! This foam mat is not only adorable and girly, it’s soft and I use it for floor play with Emma, and if she’s in the activity mat I always put at least a square of this foam mat under it.

VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Spin and Discover Ferris Wheel– This is one of Emma’s favorite toys because it lights up and sings. I like that it stands up straight, and it has a little suction cup under it so it can stay up and not get knocked over by Emma’s little karate chops!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click’n Learn Remote– This remote is small enough to fit in Emma’s little hands, and it lights up and sings.. Which is basically the pattern you’ll see in this month’s favorite toys, lol.

Minnie Bows-a-Glow Plush– This Minnie is sooooo cute! Emma is seriously in love with her. She has a huge bow that lights up in different colors and patterns, and flashes along with the songs Minnie sings! “Hello, Hello! Have you seen my bow?” Too cute!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Bow-Tique– Don’t judge, but Minnie Mouse is my babysitter sometimes! Usually in the morning when the hubby and I are trying to get ready for work. Emma loves Minnie and I purchased almost every episode of Minnie’s Bow-Tique. Sadly, they’re only like 3 minutes each, so I ended up buying Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie Specials full length episodes.

LeapFrog My Pal Violet– Violet is a cutie! I love that you can customize her to say baby’s name and other things like favorite food, and color, which obviously I can’t ask Emma what her favorites are yet, but I totally just made them up! She sings songs, and there’s a feature where she can play 5 minutes of music for baby to go to sleep.

Vulli So’Pure Teether, Sophie the Giraffe– I love Sophie! But right now, this special smaller teether is so much easier for Emma to grab, and hold on to without it falling from her hands and frustrating her. It also has different textures, which I’m sure feel great on the gums!

Bumbo Multi Seat– Apparently this is a step up from the Original Bumbo, but I just went ahead and got this one right away. I like the tray, it helps Emma from falling forward since she’s still a little wobbly, I also like that if the tray isn’t being used, it just fits in the back of the Bumbo. I never ever leave Emma sitting in this Bumbo unattended, and since she’s still so little I only use it as a floor seat for now. It does have attachment straps to convert it from a floor seat to a booster seat when she gets older though. We used it for floor play, and it’s usually on top of her Playmat.

Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas– These maracas are such a simple and silly toy, but it was one of the first toys that Emma could actually hold on to. I usually have the soft side up, so Emma can chew on it, she tries to fit the whole thing in her mouth, it’s pretty hilarious to see!

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo– So we JUST started using this with her, and so far…. Not too crazy, she’s not hopping or going crazy in it yet, but it definitely keeps her interested. She likes the lights and sounds, and she can hold herself up extremely well in it! I can’t wait until she goes H.A.M. on it, haha!

Now tell me, what were your baby’s 3 & 4 month favorites?!
Leave them in the comments, I would love to get suggestions of what else I can get for Emma.

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