Newborn Favorites

Hello Ladies! (And Gents if there are any reading my blog!)
I wanted to put together a little list of my Newborn Favorites to share with you all, the following items were really my must haves, and still are! They really helped me with Emma’s first few weeks.
Check them out:
Newborn Favorites
HALO Bassinest– This bassinet is awesome! It’s in my bedroom and right next to me, I love that it swivels and has all these cool little features on it. I was very hesitant to buy it because it’s pricey and Emma won’t get to use it for more than a few months, but it has been worth it!
MamaRoo– Another pricey item, definitely a splurge, but I love it and so does Emma! This is where she takes her naps during the day. She’s actually right next to me on it, sleeping as I blog! 🙂
Soothie Pacifiers– These are the only pacifiers Emma will take! She’s not big on pacifiers to begin with, and will only use them until she calms down, then she spits them out. She would cry every time they fell out of her mouth at night, but the last 2 nights she has actually slept all night without them!
Aden & Anais Swaddle Blanket Bag– I loveeeeeeee these! Emma only sleeps for a long period of time if she’s tightly swaddled with her arms in and these blanket bags are amazing! They’re light enough for her to wear on top of her PJs, and they have such adorable prints too!
NoseFrida– Ok, I was that mom that said I would NEVER use this because it’s disgusting… Flash forward to your crying baby miserable because she can’t breathe with a super stuffy nose, and the dumb bulb isn’t helping at all.. Bring in the Nose Frida. Works wonders! And it has a filter so nothing goes in your mouth.
Aden & Anais Swaddlers– Cute prints, amazing texture, lightweight, these are my go-to all time favorite little blankets. I use them to wrap Emma, to cover her carseat in the car without making it too hot in there for her, to cover myself while breastfeeding. These are awesome!
Boppy Pillow– I use it for breastfeeding sometimes, and it helped visitors hold her when she was super tiny!
Whale Bath Sponge– This is a cushion that makes it easy to bathe newborns and infants, it has really helped me while bathing Emma because she just lays on it without slipping and I have both hands free to wash her. It is designed to support your baby while in the tub.
Honest Company Diapers– My all time favorite diapers. To me they’re like disposable cloth diapers, that’s how I would describe them. These diapers have plant-based inner and outer layers are gentle on your baby’s skin, they contain natural citrus and chlorophyll for odor prevention and wheat/corn blend in super-absorbent core. I like that they’re free from a bunch of chemicals!
Honest Company Wipes– These wipes are the bomb! (Haha) They feel like mini towels, they are also free from chemicals, and I like that they don’t irritate Emma’s booty.
Honest Company Shampoo & Body Wash– I love how soft Emma’s skin feels after a bath using this body wash. Her hair smells so good and gets so fluffy too!
Honest Company Diaper Cream– This cream is expensive. I said it. It’s expensive so I don’t use it with every single diaper change. It is lightweight and not super chunky/creamy like most diaper creams, so it really is my favorite! I use this cream mostly for the overnight diapers since Emma will have it on her skin for a longer period of time.
Honest Healing Balm– If Emma’s skin looks red, I apply this right away! It also helps with dry skin.
Also, check out my post about the Owlet Monitor, this monitor has also been my favorite!
If you are interested in purchasing it, click HERE!
Hope this helped you mamas to be looking to get ready for those first few weeks! 🙂

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