Owlet Baby Care Monitor Collaboration

Out of all the collaborations I have done, being approached by Jane from Owlet Baby Care was not only awesome, but it was such a blessing!
I, like many moms, freak out about my baby when she sleeps.
What if she stops breathing? What if she spits up and chokes?
Seriously, how can someone sleep through the night?!
I had researched online for different types of baby monitors, but I didn’t find any that I truly liked.
There was one that you clip on the baby’s diaper but I read reviews about it falling out and giving false alarms and freaking out parents, so I wasn’t interested.
Enter the Owlet! I got the information on the monitor and videos and I was instantly sold! I could not wait to try this out, and honestly, now I can’t live without it.
Owlet Box
The Owlet baby monitor and alarm uses the same technology that hospitals use to check heart rate and oxygen saturation. It is called pulse oximetry.. What’s that? It’s that little red light they clip on your finger when you go to the hospital, but instead of the baby’s finger, it’s in the sock electronics on your baby’s foot. It uses small LED lights, shining them onto the skin and sensing how much light makes it back to the photo receptor, so nerdy right? But so cool!!! (Disclaimer)

The base blinks green when the sock is connecting and is a solid green when the sock is connected.
It turns blue and sings “Hush Little Baby” which is so much better than an alarm that scares you!
And if the oxygen or heart rate is low, the base color turns red and alarms. 
Emma is currently wearing the smallest sized sock, which is the newborn size since her little foot is so small. The newborn sock looks different than the other two socks because the front is open, so that’s why her toes are out.
Please note that unlike the other bigger socks, with the newborn size the monitor must be placed on the BOTTOM of the left foot, not the top.

The sock fits under her footie PJs, which is what she wears 98% of the time.
She was napping when I took the pics below, but of course as soon as I went to take pics she woke up! How cute is she smiling as she wakes up though?!

The socks are comfortable, soft, and don’t seem to bother Emma at all.
I connect the monitor to their app, which makes checking her stats so easily, all I have to do is open the app and they tell me Emma’s heart rate and oxygen level:
How awesome is that? To know that you don’t have to touch your baby multiple times at night or shine a bright light on their face to see what they’re doing..
And even better, you don’t even have to get out of bed!
The Owlet is just a helper though! The Owlet is not a life saving device, it alerts you but your first tool to check your baby’s wellness should always be your eyes and ears!
I showed the Owlet to Emma’s pediatrician and he loved it! He had never seen a monitor like this.
It makes me so happy to know that her doctor thinks this product is great, he’s so interested in it and wants to share it with fellow patients.
Order your Owlet today, I promise you will love it! 🙂
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