5 & 6 Months Favorites

Continuing my “Favorites” posts…
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Sophie the Giraffe– Emma can finally hold the original, bigger version of Sophie and she loves her!
Skip Hop Butterfly Backpack– Not only is this butterfly backpack super cute, I love to pack little toys and snacks for Emma in it. I like the separation of this little backpack and the diaper bag.
Loopycase– I had to include this phone case here because I just discovered it not that long ago, and it will be in all my favorite lists from now on haha! I’m making a whole post dedicated to my Loopycase very soon. If you want one of your own make sure to use code “Laura&Co” for 15% off your order!
Minnie Mouse Book– Emma loves this Minnie Mouse book, it has little corners for her to chew on and it crinkles when she holds it and plays with it.
Baby Buddy Secure-a-Toy– I put these on a lot of Emma’s toys and teethers now to stop them from falling on the ground, this simple invention is awesome and so useful!
Gerbers Yogurt Melts– When Emma went to her little friend’s birthday party, his mommy asked me if I wanted to give Emma a yogurt melt. Being that she was 6 months and I was starting to introduce solids to her I said sure, and she LOVED it! So now she eats them here and there. She still loves them and I got her different flavors to try.
Nuby Nibbler– It says that these are for babies 10 months and up, but Emma has been pretty good with them, I don’t leave her with them unattended though, just in case. I put an ice cube in there when she’s complaining about her teeth, and little snacks for her to chew and suck on.
Templeton Silver Pacifier Clips– These pacifier clips are SO CUTE! I always get compliments on them and I love how pretty they look with any of Emma’s outfits. Templeton Silver pacifier clips are sterling and beaded clips that turn into a keepsake bracelet for mom after baby outgrows the pacifier stage. I love that! But my favorite part, besides the look of these clips is that they have 85% less bacteria than cloth or plastic pacifier clips because silver is naturally antimicrobial. You can use code “EMMA” for 25% off your order!
What were your baby’s favorites at this age? Make sure to share below in the comments!

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